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This is the perfect kit for a beginner at the start of their sewing journey.


In this Scrunchie Sewing Kit you will get 5 pieces of fabric to make 5 scrunchies!



To make the scrunchies you will get:


1. UCanSo A Scrunchie Kit instruction leaflet. 


2. A link to the UCanSo 2021 YouTube Channel with video on how to make a scrunchie:


3. 5 Strips of precut beginner friendly fabric: 1 pink with gold metallic brocade; 2 abstract print purple, pink amd black cotton; 2 black cotton poplin.


4. 5 precut strips of elastic.


5. 2 safety pins



All you need now is a sewing machine, thread and sewing machine needle OR if hand sewing needle and thread!

Scrunchies Sewing Kit - Beginner Friendly

SKU: 0009
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